SK - Cereal And Combine Cereal Seeder Details

PRODUCT NAME : SK - Cereal And Combine Cereal Seeder Details

BRAND : Hazarbey

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Hazarbey UNIVERSAL CEREAL SEEDER WITH GEARBOX is a mounted type sowing machine which can precisely and properly sow every kind of grain seeds (wheat, barley, rye, rapeseed,oats, peas, soybeans, alfalfa) on the row. In addition, it can successfully sow small vegetable seeds as spinach and parsley. Sowing units can be produced with double discs or axe type.
There’re models with fertilizer and without fertilizer. This is a seeder which can sow on ridge and flat land.
seeds are delivered in desired amount by adjusting with gearbox.
It has changeable adjustment 2 - 450 kg/ha.
It’s easy adjustable, strong and useful machine.
It can sow on all kinds of land; ridge and flat land.
Sowing units are designed to apply the same pressure on ground surface at any height. Thus, it obtains
uniform planting pattern.
As all seeds fall into the same depth, it ensures multaneous germination.
It can sow minimum 12,5 cm between rows.
Sowing units can be mounted or dismounted when required.
Precision and easy sowing norm can be adjusted thanks to changeable gearbox. Gearbox runs quietly.
Rear covers are with spring.
Hydraulic marker system is available.
It’s a machine with high work efficiency.
It can be produced with fertilizer or without fertilizer.
Sowing units can be axe type or double disc type according to demand.
You can adjust desired seed amount per decare thanks to sowing test before sowing. According to demand, all marking can be adjusted with row marker. Press adjustments of sowing units can be done separately.


All sowing units can be adjusted with
the help of jack. As all seed fall into the same depth, it ensures simultaneous germination.

Cereals, vegetables and fodder crops cultivation (small and large grain seeds) is designed for dual crop system


Precision and easy sowinf norm can be adjusted thanks to chargeable gearbox. gearbox runs quietly.


Rows that you want to trace the hydraulic release system, you can always turn it off. (Planting may not.)



Double disc type planters


Axe type planters



Model Code Working
Weight With
Out Fertilizer
Width Length Height Tyres Tractor
  mm Number Number lt. kg. mm mm mm   hp
ŞK-HM-Y21 2500 23 21 470 800 2060 2500 1450 500 x 15 60
ŞK-HM-Y25 3000 29 25 603 980 2060 3050 1450 500x 15 70
ŞK-HM-Y29 3500 34 29 710 1110 2060 3650 1450 600 x 16 80
ŞK-HM-Y33 4000 41 33 840 1070 2060 4100 1450 600 x 16 90


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